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SIPA Members Norensberg, Blumenshein and Bandes obtain petition votes

The SIPA is pleased to announce that the petition candidates for the FINRA Board of Governors have obtained the necessary number of petitions and will be on the ballot as a slate this summer. The candidates contested previously appointed Board members of FINRA and have worked diligently to obtain not only your support but your input and have made themselves available to al FINRA members with concerns or questions. There is still much work to be done and we would urge all members to continue to support the candidates and to be aware that you will still need to vote for the slate in the actual elections. If by chance you have not signed a petition yet, there is still time to do so and we would urge all of you to help send a strong message to FINRA. This is the first slate of candidates to contest the FINRA board since 2007 and we believe the time for action is now. This may be your only chance to shape your industry and its future. In 2006 some of the same board members that have been reappointed told members that the consolidation of NASD and NYSE and the elimination of the ‘one firm one vote’ standard was our only chance at shaping our future. Ask yourself this question right now: Are you better off now then you were in 2006? Have these current Board members done anything that would indicate they are going to change the status quo or is it just corrupt business as usual?

The choice is now yours. If you believe the current Board and its lone hand picked crony have done a great job the last three years then by all means vote for the status quo. If you believe this current Board helped eliminate your voting rights, lost over 500 million of your money and did nothing during the greatest regulatory collapse in American history then please consider voting for change.

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June 8th, 2010



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