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 Candidates bring solutions to the table

The Financial Services Exchange (FSX) once again was the only small firm advocate that was willing to hold an open and candid debate of the candidates for FINRA’s small firm position and just like past years, they asked members of the SIPA to help out.  When Judy Ensweiler of the FSX asks for something she usually gets her way, that’s the way the ladies of Dallas roll and saying no to her request that I moderate the debate would be like saying no to Oprah Winfrey to come on her show, so yours truly and SIPA legal counsel Rick Nummi had the opportunity to not only take part in this lively debate but to sit down and get to know the candidates.  All I can say is that I and others came away genuinely impressed by both candidates and we believe that if you watch this debate you will too.   The passion of both candidates was truly on display and there was really no holding back from either candidate.   The one key concept to remember is that small firms account for nearly 80% of the total membership but often times they use their votes approximately 40% of the time.  If you have not voted we urge all members to be HEARD!  If you have already voted but feel differently after watching this debate we would urge you to submit a new proxy and change your vote to the candidate of your choice.    We hope you enjoy the format to be honest, I had a list of about 12 critical questions that I and Nummi wanted to ask each candidate but literally as soon as we started, hands started going up in the audience to ask their own specific questions.  Rick and I made the decision to allow the members to ask all of the questions, so if you think I’m just a lazy moderator, please understand that I wanted the members voices to be heard and to let them look directly into the candidates eyes and be as specific as possible.  On a side note, I was asked by the FSX to do this debate and according to their staff all candidates running were invited and only Dock Treese and Kevin Carrano cared enough to come to Washington D.C. to present their case.  Still, I would not be surprised if another profanity laced e-mail comes across your desk making rogue and baseless accusations.

We would like to thank the FSX for holding this important debate and for continuing to support small member firms.  We would urge all SIPA members to visit and to become a member today.  We also want to thank Nicole Alexander of DigitalGate Communication and would encourage you to contact them the next time you are holding a company event.  If they can make an ogre like me look good, imagine what they can do for your?
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August 2nd, 2012



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