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SIDE BAR with Bill Singer

Bill SingerNew series brings long overdue exposure to Wall Street problems 

 Noted securities attorney, blogger, SIPA friend and Forbes contributor Bill Singer has recently launched a new interview series in conjunction with Reuters news that is tackling problems often swept under the rug or never mentioned by todays media..  Over the years Bill has been a leading advocate for fair and reasonable regulation and especially championing the rights of small firms. On his blog Broke and Broker he has routinely fought for small firm rights while at the same time pointing out some of the obvious flaws in our regulatory system.

He has shared with us some snippets of his first few shows and when he asked me to take a look I figured he would want an assessment of the camera angle, the quality of the high definition and maybe the flow of the show.  Instead of paying attention to those things (which are all excellent) I was blown away by a mere five minute or so of interviews with leading Wall Street experts.  Within minutes of watching, I was busy slamming the keyboard about the subject.  I would encourage everyone to take five minutes and watch the shows.

I was particularly interested in the segment on “The Whistle Blower and I am confident you will feel the same way. Click here to watch SIDE BAR with Bill Singer: Whistle blowing on Wall Street.  In addition, Wall Street has been troubled by market crashes over the last few years.  From the Knight scare to the phantom crash, a patter has been developing. High Frequency Trading is a rather scary proposition and in our haste to replace humans we may have made our markets more vulnerable.  Click here to watch SIDE BAR with Bill Singer” Are Human Beings Obsolete?

Lastly I was shocked to learn that yet another layer of regulation is in the works and it may not be long before US regulators are auditing foreign firms and vice versa.  If you didn’t care for Dodd Frank before, this segment will blow your mind away. Click here to watch Side Bar with Bill Singer: Is the US the only sheriff in town?

Hopefully tough and complex issues will finally be addressed by someone who gets it rather then one of these talking bobble heads on the major financial channels who seem to regurgitate exactly what the insiders on Wall Street tell them.  Let us know your thoughts and visit Bill’s site to keep up with new shows.


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February 15th, 2013



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