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SIPA Member Robert Keenan Wins Board Seat!

FINRA announced yesterday that Robert Keenan, owner of St. Bernard Financial and a long time SIPA member has won the small firm seat on the Board of Governors.  Keenan defeated fellow SIPA member and current board member Jed Bandes in a close election.

We are proud of the efforts put into this important election and also want to extend a congratulatory note to David Sobel who has previously written articles for the SIPA.    Due to our ties with all candidates we were unable to support one candidate over another but are very proud of our representation and we truly believe the membership would be served well no matter who won.    We hope that this is not the end for Jed and David but rather a new beginning.  Clearly they have a strong following and funneling that support and their views into constructive dialog will be the key to how successful the current small firm board members will be in the future.

The industry members on the board will face a daunting task due to the addition of three additional public governors. Meaningful change will not come from stomping feet and saying “regulation stinks”.  That boat has long sailed from the dock and the only way meaningful change can occur is if the industry board members Kevin Carreno, Ken Norensberg and Robert Keenan hold meaningful, intelligent and direct dialog with the rest of the board.  In addition, having full small firm support on these issues will go a long way to give credence to their message so we hope that Jed Bandes and other SIPA members will work closely with the small firm governors to deliver it.

Although there were some barbs thrown by all the candidates, it was clearly a respectable campaign without the constant character assassination that we have seen in the last few elections and many members of SIPA commented on how refreshing it was to have the election process cleaned up.  Let’s hope this trend continues by only putting the most qualified individuals on the ballot as you have this time.  Once again congratulations to Robert Keenan and a heartfelt thank you to Jed Bandes for serving the small firm community.  1369074092-keenan

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August 7th, 2013



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