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FINRA Election For Small Firms


Now more then ever, make your voice heard!

As we have in the past, the SIPA is urging all members to have your voice heard loud and strong and to use your vote wisely.  We have been approached by Paige Peirce and Carrie Wisniewski regarding their quest to be placed on the ballot.  Remember, this is not a formal vote but merely a petition to be placed on the ballot.  We would ask that all SIPA members take the time to review their enclosed biographies and to consider nominating them to the FINRA board.  Please remember however, that you can only sign one petition thus if you sign two of them you will essentially cancel yourself out.  

Carrie’s resume:                                         Paige’s resume

Click her to sign her petition                 Click here to Sign Paige’s Petition 

Both candidates bring extremely strong skills to the table and are well respected by both the industry and FINRA.  As Ken Norensberg winds down his service for the small firm community, we would like to thank him for his service and his open communication with members.  In years past the Board meeting was literally a complete secret.  Today due to his efforts and those of others, members receive an update on the meeting within days of it occurring.

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May 20th, 2014



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