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For those of you who are loyal readers of the SIPA, you already know that basically all roads lead back to the Wall Street cartel that basically controls the American way of life. From Congress to the White house, nothing gets done, passed or enacted unless a blessing from the real Godfather is granted.   Amazingly, some Americans watch the Godfather and the Soprano’s religiously with this idea that these mob outfits are actually calling the shots. We believe this is Complete and utter Nonsense.   The great Hymen Roth once said in Godfather II; “ Those guys are small potatoes” .  Indeed they are.

The exit by England from the European Union had nothing to do with immigration, open boarders or nationalism.  Pure and simple, this was a coup by the Wall Street cartel to protect its investments overseas and take over another financial system.  It also ensures that they do not have to bail out a half dozen other struggling European nations.   We experienced this same sort of coup in 2008 when we were told repeatedly that our entire US banking system would collapse if tax payers didn’t fork over TRILLIONS to bail our failing institutions. There was no need to do this and not all banks were illiquid but we bought into the fear.  In the months and years that followed we learned that some banks received pennies on the dollar for their bad loans but AIG was forced to pay Goldman Sachs 100% of what they defaulted on.    No sooner than the money was comfortably placed into the bank accounts, they went back to doing business the old fashioned way:  Get a politician to give them other people’s money.   So as we view the ‘Brexit” we always preach to our 25,000 followers to always do one thing: “Follow the money and how does Goldman Sachs profit”?  Que the CSI music and pay attention because your mind will be blown:

The largest banks in England are:

  • HSBC
  • Barclays
  • Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS)
  • Lloyds

And they are controlled and Governed by the Bank Of England 

HSBC.  In February they hired Matthew Westerman to lead their investment banking despite the fact that he was a partner at Goldman Sachs.  How many people leave Goldman Sachs to join a lesser outfit?  Well let’s just ask former GS executive John Thain who left Goldman to run the NYSE.  And then was appointed to oversee the restructuring of CIT Group when they were on the verge of collapse and Goldman was facing a 1 billion loss from their investment.

Barclays: Interestingly, Barclays has been in bed with Goldman for many years and is one of the main partners in a recently conceived plan to revive the ill fated ‘ Bit Coin” currency.  In fact, in April Barclays announced they were partnering to create a new global currency with investments from Goldman: Click here to read a story from Aril 6, 2016 in which a ‘New financial currency capital” would be created.  Why would you need the Euro if you are creating a new currency?  We have seen this play our before when Goldman ushered in the takeover of the NYSE and basically got rid of 200 years of floor traders by creating an electronic Arca/NYSE exchange that allowed them to clip a piece of the action while making floor traders obsolete.

RBS and Lloyds of London:   Both of these banks are in the process of going back to being privately held.  After the financial collapse, the government had to come in and bail them out and take a stake in the.  However, Goldman has a substantial stake in RBS and is now advising the government on how best to take them back from the government.  Click here to read how Goldman is ‘assisting’ the UK in being free of these government investments while ate the same time benefitting their large stake.

Bank of England:  The newest head Governor of the Bank of England is none other than Mark Carney, who was a 13 year Goldman Sachs big wig and who just happens to be the first Governor of  the English banking system  who was not even a citizen.  Why would England hire a non English citizen to run its banking system?   Prof. Michel Chossudovsky thinks he knows why.  In March, Pr. Chossudovsky wrote in the Financial times that:

Dr. Mark Carney, Governor of the Bank of England is Goldman Sachs’ Trojan Horse. The lucrative manipulation of financial markets including currency markets is a multibillion undertaking. With inside information on Central Bank monetary policy in both Frankfurt and London, Brexit is a “Silver Platter” for the institutional speculators. Click here to read entire article 

This whole Brexit is nothing more than a coup of the United Kingdom’s banking system.  Goldman has inserted its people into prominent positions and orchestrated a takeover similar to what the U.S. saw in 2008 with the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).  The big difference is while they are doing this takeover they are also plotting a new electronic currency which will replace things like The Federal Reserve and Central Banks.  They will essentially control the flow and amount of money in the economy of England and German and as other nations begin to falter, they will be forced to come to the Goldman banking currency and beg for money at rates that would make a loan shark blush.  The Brexit isn’t about immigration, solidarity or nationalism.  Those were the smoke screens sent out by the cartel to get the peasants to do their dirty work for them and to carry that message to the voters; all the while they are sitting in a backroom laughing.  Before you ask how this can happen or if it can happen here in the US, ask yourself who the leading Presidential candidate is.?  Then you may want to ask why she received so much money from Wall Street for speeches that she is now worth north of 100 Million.  The Brexit is a test run abroad to see if Goldman and its close friends can possibly replace the Federal Reserve here in America and dictate the economy, inflation and more.

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July 8th, 2016



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