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Puzzling moves by the Democrat party 

One of the rarest feats in all of sports is the triple play in baseball.   Despite the fact that around 250,000 baseball games have been played over the last 140 years, the ‘triple play’ has occurred only 709 times in that span or roughly every 350 games played.   It’s an amazing feat when it does occur and will often be the lead story on “Sports Center” the next day and the highlight of every sports talk show.   As we watch the continued fallout from the election of Donald Trump, I am amazed at how one party continues to double, then triple down and soon quadruple down on poor choices and make mistakes that a novice like Donald Trump should be making.  Let’s take a quick look at the string of outs that have occurred and could lead from triple to quadruple:


First Out:   In 2008, Hillary Clinton was anointed by the press and the Democratic party to win the nomination to face John McCain.   Somewhere along the trail to the Wizard of White house Oz, a community organizer named Barrack Hussein Obama threw a stick out and tripped HRC on her yellow brick road march to being the first female president in U.S. history.  Amazingly, Obama used the internet and his appeal to beat one of the two most powerful crime families of Washington the last 30 years (the Bush’s and Clinton’s).  This should have caused major concern for a base runner churning down the first base line.  How can a guy who lost a 2000 congressional primary race in Illinois defeat a New York Senator and one of the most powerful names in D.C. and do it handily?  If you remember, by the spring of 2008 Obama had enough delegate pledges to secure the nomination and other democrats graciously backed out of the race so Obama could campaign for the general election.  However HRC refused to back down or accept the facts and stayed in the election forcing a vote to occur on the convention floor and hoping to find some way to take this nomination.  When the dust cleared, Obama was the nominee and the rest was history.


Second out:  After Obama spanked that Republican In Name Only (RINO) John McCain in the general election, it was obvious that Obama would be the automatic nominee in 2012 and as we all know he spanked that RINO Mitt Romney in the general election, but a funny thing was happening that the press, Democrats and pundits were trying to ignore.  The Congress, the Senate, the Governorships and houses in states all across the country began flipping to the Republican Party in large masses.  Estimates range from 1300 to 1500 total positions changed from Democrat to Republican.  The Democrat party then decided to trot Hillary Clinton out once more as a coronation, not as a candidate.  Despite the fact some very guy with limited experience and or finances beat her in 2008, they went for it again.   Once again though, on her march to the Wizard of Washington yellow brick road, she had a stick thrown in her path and a 75 year old Jewish socialist from New York who grows daisies in Vermont, started beating her in primaries.  The DNC began conspiring with the media to disparage Bernie Sanders and to actually take away delegates he earned.  Most base runners would have stopped but this party was determined it could only be one candidate and they continued on their path of not seeing the game that was happening right in front of them.


Third out:  The DNC had embarrassing news come out that they were working against Bernie Sanders in order to get HRC the nomination and their leader, Debra Wasserman, had to resign.   In the general election the DNC and the media launched an all out blitz on one Donald John Trump.  While he spoke to tens of thousands at several stops a day, Hillary was nowhere to be seen and often times it appeared that she may be in poor health.  The celebrity apprentice/ real estate mogul with no experience, no filter, no support from most of the republicans and not a lot of Political Action Committees to flood the air waves beat one of the best known names of Washington (after previously dismissing Jed Bush in the primary) by using….Twitter.


The Fourth Out?  Although there are only three outs per inning, it appears Democrats are going out of their way to create a new category with their bizarre behavior since the election.  They declared all out war with protesters, snowflakes and others taking to the streets and social media to cry, scream, curse, and do performance art on stage at award shows and the woman’s march.  However, right now it looks like they have brought a knife to a gunfight and unfortunately for them; Trump is holding a machine gun.  His dizzying array of orders and actions has taken the press and democrats by storm.  They can only react for around 12 hours before the news cycle changes and he is on to his next move.   In past administrations, an order would be analyzed, critiqued and scrutinized for a week before the next action.  However, Trump literally gives them about 12 hours before moving on to the next subject matter.  The 12 hours of course was long enough to have Senator Chuck Schumer publicly cry because of a “mean spirited ban”?   As a resident of Orlando, I can tell you first hand that this little act did not go unnoticed by a city that is still shaken by the killing of 49 of our brothers and sisters at the Pulse nightclub in June.  In addition, the decision by the Democrats to boycott the committee meetings for the various cabinet positions has actually served to unite republicans for the first time behind Trump.  Their behavior has caused people like Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to finally get off the moderate middle and not care what the liberal press may say about them.  Over the last three days, nominations that may have been questionable and possibly failed have been approved along party lines because the Democrats refused to show up at the committee hearings over 7 Muslim countries being vetted closer.  Kind of like what Brokerage firms are required to do already by FINRA and the SEC.  It’s a shame most Americans don’t understand that in our industry, it’s almost impossible to send or receive a wire to Somalia, Yemen, Iran, Iraq or Syria.  It’s been like this since 2003.  These countries are so volatile that we won’t take a wire from them nor send it to them but we are supposed to be outraged their residents can’t just fly here on a moment’s notice?

In conclusion, we think that the fourth out will be the RINO’s finally becoming true Republicans again and moving away from the center and more to the right.


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February 2nd, 2017



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