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It’s that time again when owners of Broker Dealers get slammed with phone calls, emails and faxes asking for their vote. While his can be a little annoying at time we urge you to remember that this is the right we fought for years ago.  There was once a time when FINRA nominating committees gathered and they would decide who the nominees would be.  Through the use of contested elections, they rightfully gave this power back to the small firms.  There has been major shakeup and turnover at FINRA due to resignations of key board members over the last twelve months.  This coming board represents a chance to get new voices and new attitudes on this very powerful board.  For these reasons, we have decided to endorse Jim Webb of Cape Securities, Inc.

Jim has been an active member of the FINRA district committee as well as the Regulatory Advisory Council.  As the owner of a small firm, he has faced the challenges of growing a small firm from the bottom up.  Recruiting brokers, hiring staff, supervising brokers and operations all while adjusting to a regulatory climate that is constantly changing.  Today more than ever we need a voice that knows how hard it is to raise capital and revenue while navigating this vast and growing regulatory landscape.  Jim also knows what it’s like to have to wear ten different hats while trying to grow his business.   We hear from members all the time about this problem.  Instead of growing their business, they are bogged down with a flood of new responsibilities and reports that must be filed less they face more regulatory work.

Although Jim Webb feels your frustrations, he is an excellent communicator and more importantly a fighter.  He is not afraid to tell it like he sees it or to pick up the phone and call FINRA and not just bring a problem to the forefront, but to get things changed.  That is the most important part of our endorsement.  Many have come and gone and rehashed the problems members are facing and have made all the known criticisms of FINRA, but how many have gotten anything changed?   We are counting on Jim Webb to get things changed.  We all know the problems, but who wants to fix it?  Year after year we hear the same complaints about arbitration, never ending exams, PCAOB costs, over regulation and more.  The time has come to stop listing the problems and instead, start electing people who will fix the problems.  We believe Jim Webb is that person and for that reason we ask that you sign the enclosed petition to put Jim Webb on the ballot.  In addition, if you have any problems, concerns or special circumstances that may not be out in the open, Jim Webb would like to hear from you as would we.  Feel free to contact him at


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May 26th, 2017



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