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How Wall Street Tried to Influence the 2016 Election 

The 2016 election was possibly the greatest election upset in the history of U.S. politics.  Donald Trump was a novice, first time candidate who had never even been elected dog catcher but here he was on the big stage taking out one by one, the biggest names in our political environment.  He took out Senators and Governors in the republican primaries with relative ease. He took out the legendry Bush legacy when he wiped the floor with Jeb Bush with little to no effort. He then took out the influential conservative party senators in Rubio and Cruz with the same effort used to swat an annoying fly away at a picnic.  He took out establishment moderate republicans like Governor Kasich from Ohio and then set his sights on the most powerful name in Washington politics, the Clintons.  Amazingly, with relative ease, he took out Hillary Clinton on election night despite all pundits calling for an easy win over the Donald. Don’t buy into this ‘popular vote’ malarkey the press loves to heap on like meatballs on a mound of spaghetti. This was a romp and if not for California where republicans don’t even bother to vote, this was a route of epic proportions.  Look at the electoral map of the U.S and you can clearly see this was a major statement from the majority of states that they have had enough of the swamp.  There was only one group that refused to see this tidal wave coming and it was Wall Street. Now would be a good time to play the C.S.I. music.

On election night, as I sat down to start waiting for results to come in for this all but confirmed coronation of Hillary, I was stunned at three items that have gone ignored by politicians and the press to this day:

1) Who brought the market down nearly 900 points on election night?

2) How did they have this information before the polls closed?

3) Who brought the market back up the next day?

4) Where are the regulators?

Who brought the market down nearly 800 points?

It was obvious to me around 8:00 pm when results started coming in that Wall Street was once again flexing its muscle and attempting to manipulate the markets and possibly hack the election.  As state after state came in the DJIA Futures were down a whopping 800 points?  At 8:00 pm there was complete uncertainty, yet we are to believe ‘investors ‘worldwide were in a panic and selling off everything because a few states swung Trump’s way?  I call horse manure and believe some of the largest cartel firms on Wall Street were trying to panic people across three time zones to get out and vote for their favorite Wall Street sister, Hillary Clinton, before polls closed later in the night.  The sell off made absolutely zero sense when you consider a pro business, less regulation candidate was doing better than expected.  The real fear was not having a puppet master that can be manipulated to look the other way.  Hillary received millions from speaking engagements with Goldman Sachs, although, she has still never released a transcript of what exactly she spoke to them about.

How did they have this information?

I know many Americans like to believe that there is this secret ballot box and there is special sanctity in voting, but the truth of the matter is that before 8:00 pm, no official results were supposedly available.  However, the Futures began plummeting from 6:00 pm on?  How is that possible?   I’m not sure how anyone could have access to exit polling about the results and suddenly make a decision to SELL EVERYTHING!!!   Once again, this doesn’t pass the horse manure test.  We have this Russian interference fishing expedition but nobody is asking how huge institutions knew at 6:00 pm that Trump was winning?

Who brought the market back up?

If we assume that this was a legitimate worldwide sell off because Trump was going to possibly win, how in the world do you explain a nearly 900 point reversal from election day at 10:30 pm to a 257 point gain in the DJIA the day after?  We are talking about a 1300 point swing from catastrophic to euphoric. This is unheard of, even in the recent market crashes in 2008 due to the real estate debacle; the market was not as volatile as the cartel would have us believe over election night.  In essence, we are to believe that because of Trump the entire stock market would collapse unless people in the Midwest and along the Pacific coast came out and voted against him?   To make matters even more puzzling, since this dramatic sell off on election night that was corrected within hours, the DJIA has been on a record setting run for nearly six months.  Ordinary Joe, every day investors do not control the market.  This was ‘Big Brother” telling people who to vote for or else.

Where are the regulators?

Each and every day, we read in litigation releases how the regulators have arrested or filed complaints against various individuals and companies for manipulating the markets.  This begs the question: Where are the regulators and have they tracked back the sellers who had to put huge amounts of leverage into bringing down the futures?  I certainly cannot be the only person of sound mind who thought this whole charade was a little shady.  There are bright minds out there who actually track the activity and time and tick of each order entered.  Martha Stewart spent 90 days in the slammer for selling $230,000 worth of Imclone stock, but the regulators cannot figure out what institutions suddenly brought the national markets down nearly 900 points?  To bring the market down this much after hours, a concerted and planned attack was needed by some of the larger firms on Wall Street.  This is a very dangerous game being played in which Wall Street can once again wave a wand, manipulate markets and try to wag the dog by the tail.  The whole election manipulation was quickly swept under the rug as the market began an epic bull run which also makes no sense.  Investors were so scared for just one single night and then changed their mind the next day and decided to go all in on Trump and his plans?  Horse manure!    What do you think?  As always, we value our member’s feedback.


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August 29th, 2017



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