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“Nothing To See Here, Folks”

Sweeping The Scene Clean of Madoff’s Victim’s Blood Bernie Madoff plead guilty to 11 counts of fraud yesterday in Manhattan. While acknowledging that we are not Crime Scene investigators in New York, Vegas or Miami, the SIPA is shocked at the apparent cover up in the whole Madoff mess.  Although I’m no genius, I do consider myself […]
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Hedge Fund Mess Just Beginning To Come Home To Roost

Why Madoff will not be an isolated case Over a year ago we questioned whether there was sufficient regulation of the Hedge Fund industry (click here to read).  In light of the Madoff Meltdown the important question brokers must be asking themselves now is not IF more regulation is necessary, but should one remove one’s clients’ […]
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The Emperor’s Shiny New Coat

The cost of corruption by our Government and the prospects for the future. On September 29th 2008 Citibank announced they were buying Wachovia Bank for a whopping $1.00 and that the Federal Government (FDIC) would provide them with up to 300 BILLION in bad debt protection. (cnn article here) The announcement caught this writer by […]
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