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The Truth Is In The Pudding

Now that the figures are finally released I would like to take a moment and remind everyone that members of the original dissident group known as the Financial Industry Association (FIA) were called liars because they claimed that the merger could pay to members much more then the mere $35,000 that the NASD was offering in exchange for giving up their voting rights. In fact, the former head of NASD even said in a podcast to all members that “It just isn’t true what members of the FIA are saying”.
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I Come to Bury FINRA, Not to Praise her

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Marc Antony gives the stirring eulogy that was supposed to pump up Brutus while stomping on the grave of the murdered Caesar. The opposite occurs as he delivers an impassioned speech that has the citizens mourning for the good old days of Julius Caesar’s rule. Over the years we have been a very vocal critic of FINRA policies and deservedly so in our opinion. We have even speculated that FINRA may be on the way out the door due to the failures of Wall Street’s largest firm and the Madoff debacle. Today however, we come to praise FINRA!
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Please contact us when your ready and we will point you to a PCAOB Accountant that is in your area and price range. Eventually we will be posting as a resource to all readers of BDexchange’s Newsletter and The SIPA will be posting the contact info on its site shortly. If you are one of the lucky firms that has a PCAOB Accountant that has not taken advantage of the new requirement then let us know and we would be happy to add him or her to our growing list.

“Failed” Regulation??

How To Insult The American Public With A Smile On Your Face Today the SEC Chairman Christopher proclaimed that “ The SEC Failed to Investigate and Probe Madoff”.  (Click here to read story). While this might sound to some of you as a small act of contrition and public acknowledgement of his agency’s failings, this […]

The End Of FINRA: Dec 5, 2008

In several articles earlier this year, we broached the unthinkable: that the End Of FINRA was potentially at hand. Since then, we have seen much in the way of de-facto re-organization, with the Bulge Bracket firms – such as they still exist – coming under direct control of the Treasury. Ironically, what this means is […]