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Recent developments have consolidated the reach and power of the SROs. Nevertheless, despite certain “dissident” movements, the needs of individual reps and small firms remained largely unrepresented. Whilst some industry associations represented the interests of Major Firms, others offered little more than radical solutions and confrontational politics.

In any event, the needs and voice of individual registered persons and the small firms that employ them had not been effectively channeled.

The SIPA was formed to create a reasoned, balanced voice – not only for small firms, but for the individual financial professionals who together comprise the financial services industry.

Membership in The SIPA provides numerous benefits, including news and views unbiased by bulge bracket considerations; access to critical industry updates; thoughtful commentary on issues that will affect your business; special offers and discounts on products and services offered by select vendors, and most importantly – the assurance that your concerns will be heard.

WHO WE ARE:We are concerned financial professionals who believe the discourse between the regulated and the regulators must narrow. We are a membership organization that provides valuable resources to the financial industry.

WHO WE ARE NOT:We are not antagonistic. We welcome open and free exchange between all. We may never completely agree on any single issue but we must retain respect and open dialogue.