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Snooki and Why Regulatory Reform Failed

The message sent to Wall Streets elite firms is that if you commit securities fraud you may have to use your debit card to pay the fine and do not worry about jail time as long as you sing like a canary after your caught. Poor ‘Snooki” apparently takes her Italian heritage seriously and decided not to betray her family on Jersey Shore. Too bad she didn’t have info on Joey taking steroids to get better abs. Listen here and see if this makes sense to you!
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One Firm One Vote

We can only do so much here and we think its important to let the candidates know how you feel instead of just beating us up. We are here to help the small firms and brokers out there and unlike other group sout there we believe in accountability and if our guys aren't living up to their word then we will find others that will.
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SIPA Board Members Selling Out?

As it turns out maybe Lisa Roth was the only one being truthful or perhaps was the only one who would have the gumption to stand up to the FINRA board. That remains to be seen but the point is that the explanation given by FINRA is the exact SAME explanation that was included with the proxy ballot. As outlined last week, the rationale behind the lack of transparency makes no sense at all
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FINRA Board Elects to Operate in Shadows

On the surface this seems reasonable to an untrained ear, however when the top ten employees are making over a million a year in base salary without any limits on their capacity to earn more, doesn’t this affect their ability to regulate as well?
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