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Are You Not Entertained?

If Americans only knew  In the famous movie “Gladiator”, the young and insane new Caesar named Commodus has a myriad of problems stemming from a failing economy, years of war and a weird crush on his sister.  As the members of the senate begin to press him for solutions, he soon realizes he is way […]
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Justice Is Truly Blind

We have been outspoken about the FINRA Arbitration and Hearing system for many years now.  However, despite our constant chirping in this matter we continue to wonder if FINRA is upholding Justice or are they just plain blind?   Case and point: FINRA Hearing Panel Bars Broker for Defrauding Elderly, Blind Customer WASHINGTON — The Financial […]
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Small Firm Committees : a waste of members money

Is it really worth it? After years of fighting for small members rights, we are beginning to question whether its worth it financially to continue with any of these elections nationwide. The Financial Industry Association (FIA) and later the SIPA , along with others like attorney and small firm advocate, Bill Singer of  Broke and […]
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