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Tackling Washington from a Brady Bunch Perspective

Honey, I think we may have a problem..we have over $50,000 in credit card debt and our home equity loan is maxed out and our bank account only has a couple hundred bucks in it until I get paid again next month. I don’t think we can do that Disney cruise we planned for later this year with Tom and Nancy. Not sure we can get Marcia that nose job either and Bobby may have to just keep wearing hand me downs
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Bernie Madoff is in jail for taking money from investors and then using that money to pay off early investors yet our leaders are saying unless we can write 2 trillion dollars worth of bonds we will default. Maybe they should have done this with Madoff and asked for permission to sell 50 billion in bonds to pay off all the victims?
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Vote for Ken

Recap of the last several months since the last election. The team of Ken, Joel and Jed have: · Voiced Members concerns with Representatives from the PCAOB, OATS, Enforcement, Examinations, the Ombudsman, Various Districts and many more. · Created transparency by issuing letters to the Members after each Board meeting informing you what happened at […]
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Ken Norensberg for FINRA Board

This election is very important and we need the Members to show a unified front. If you surround yourself with positive people, you will achieve positive results....believe it! Enclosed is my resume and other important information about this election and my history.
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FSX and SIPA give back to New Orleans

Our project, is to help rebuild homes and lives in the St. Bernard Parish. We are asking you to give a day to make a difference. No skills required. Simply register to attend the conference, and indicate you are interested in volunteering to help rebuild homes and lives. There will be a reception for volunteers Tuesday evening, in addition, FSX will pay for Tuesday evening hotel accommodations.
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