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Should We Be Bailing Out Only The Elite Firms?

Now is the time to act if you’re a Brokerage firm or Financial professional in America. We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions and present them to the House Banking Committee. Wall Street’s elite firms have run aground and now the Federal Government wants to bail them out. For many years, many have […]
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The Definition Of Insanity

Today is a very sad day on Wall Street. Lehman Brothers (LEH) has declared Bankruptcy and Merrill Lynch ( MER) has been bailed out in a fire sale to Bank of America. Two of the most well known names in Wall Street history have flamed out within a matter of moments and American investors have been shaken to their core. How could this all happen so quickly and how in the world did these two titans of Wall Street get into this mess to begin with
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A funny thing happened on the way to the Ball

The Demise of Wall Street's elite firms could reshape Regulation. The sudden and shocking demise of the Wall Street elite has left an industry in shambles and the American investor in jitters. The collapse of the largest names on Wall Street is being felt all across the world and has caused the Political landscape to suddenly pay more attention to the Economy and less attention to Governor Palin's "my space page". President Bush cancelled his fund raising campaign drive and Barrack Obama is already running commercials blaming the Republicans, while lost in all this is John McCain's suggestion that "Chairman Cox should be fired for betraying the public trust and falling asleep at the wheel"
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