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Is Gold The Next Bubble to Burst?

After living through various bubbles over the last 20 years I have become an expert in predicting the next bubble to implode. I use a highly scientific procedure and analysis that very few people in this world have access to. This astonishing discovery method is tried and true and I’m about to share it with you, my loyal readers, right now for free. I go to parties, conferences, neighborhood Barbeques and I watch the talking bobble heads on T.V. and then when I notice that everyone is talking about a certain investment, its time to get out as soon as possible.
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Do you feel like we have lost the “self” in Self Regulatory Organization? As a small b/d owner, I am disheartened that my b/d is being treated in the same category as Madoff and Stanford, although I understand why. FINRA and the SEC both failed to protect public customers in the face of overwhelming evidence at both of those firms that something was seriously wrong.

Big changes coming for SIPA

A veteran of severla Financial Industry Association election battles, Ashley will be using her experience In her new role with The SIPA. She plans on implementing membership dues and organizing the long term goal of becoming a new SRO. In addition member benefits unlike any other trade organization will be unrolled later this fall. This will include health benefits, legal defense teams for members experiencing FINRA problems and more prominent voice with Congress. Membership in The SIPA will still be open to all persons associated with the financially regulated firms.
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Small Firms Claim FINRA Targets Them

Busacca, who aired his grievances to me in a phone interview, complains that Finra won't take legal action against large firms but has become extremely picky when dealing with small Broker/dealers.Representatives of the small firms who sit on Finra's 22-member board are outgunned by those that represent big- and medium-sized operations as well as the 11 appointed public members. Just a couple of years ago there were more than 6,000 small independents in the brokerage industry, providing thousands of jobs. That number is now down to around 4,100 and there's been a big drop-off in just the last few months.
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