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I Come to Bury FINRA, Not to Praise her

In Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, Marc Antony gives the stirring eulogy that was supposed to pump up Brutus while stomping on the grave of the murdered Caesar. The opposite occurs as he delivers an impassioned speech that has the citizens mourning for the good old days of Julius Caesar’s rule. Over the years we have been a very vocal critic of FINRA policies and deservedly so in our opinion. We have even speculated that FINRA may be on the way out the door due to the failures of Wall Street’s largest firm and the Madoff debacle. Today however, we come to praise FINRA!
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The Small Firm Advisory Board Debate

The SIPA has been receiving countless e-mails and phone calls from members and non members asking how they should vote. Based upon the NAC election many feel comfortable the SIPA will give them a blunt and honest assessment of the candidates. We would love to wave a magic wand and tell thousands across the country how we think they should vote but quite frankly, the SFAB is a quite confusing and mostly ineffective group
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