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Welcome to a broker’s world

Mortgage crisis hits home As the country’s mortgage crisis spirals out of control and thousands upon thousands of homeowners walk away from their under water home, I can’t help but wonder if secretly the 600,000 stockbrokers are quietly smiling inside as the rest of America gets a taste of what its like to be a […]
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The China Riddle Solved

Brokers may soon hit Beijing As we watch randomly organized protestershit the street complaining about corporate greed, pollution and student loans, I can only picture the leaders of China smiling and thinking about how much money they will make. For the last two decades China has reaped the rewards of increasing its manufacturing capacity and […]
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I’ve had it with Washington! Enough already with your games, policies, deals, budgets, summits, partisan plans, jobs bills, debt deals, ENOUGH! You are all morons who have absolutely no idea how to create a job or wipe your ass without appropriating a sub committee to review the environmental effects of the toilet paper while appropriating funds for after wiping counseling for those who get diaper rash or a hemorrhoid.
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